Spring Grove Dogwood (Cornus Florida ‘Spring Grove’) is a white-flowering Dogwood that was discovered in Ohio and blooms in the spring, between late March and mid-May, giving the tree the appearance of whimsical snow-covered branches in warm weather. While dogwoods are known for their large, delicate white or pink “flowers,” the true flower of the dogwood tree is actually the small, yellow-green bundles in the middle of the so-called flowers. Additionally, the white and pink “petals” are really bracts – groupings of leaves with small flowers in the center. Poinsettias, popular Christmas plants, are another example of a plant with bract “flowers.” In the autumn, Spring Grove Dogwoods turn a stunning purplish-red, proving that these are beautiful trees no matter the season. 

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Photos taken at Old Town June 2022.

Chart of dogwood bracts and true flowers. Source.