Magness Pear (Pyrus communes ‘Magness’) is both productive and beautiful. This cultivar is very resistant to Fire Blight. The Magness Pear is self-fertile but it will be good to have other cultivars to ensure an adequate pollination. It has a vigorous growth rate and upright spreading habit.

Magness Pear Facts

  • Scientific Name: Pyrus communes ‘Magness’
  • Blooms: February to March, Deciduous
  • Height: 10′ – 20′
  • Fruit: It produces medium-sized, oval-shaped, greenish-yellow fruit with a slight russet. The flesh is sweet, soft, juicy with almost no grit cells. It is also very aromatic. Great quality makes it a good candidate for making jams or eating fresh. Ripens about a week after Bartlett.
  • Pollination: Plant at least two trees for pollination
Above picture taken at Old Town Arboretum in April 2021