PawPaw Allegheny™ (Asimina triloba ‘Allegheny™’) is one of the most unique and delicious fruit trees that can be grown in the backyard orchard. Native to eastern North America, Pawpaws are the only member of the Annonaceae, or custard apple family, that is adapted to temperate climates. In the spring, the PawPaw tree erupts with purple blossoms that eventually produce oblong, green fruit–the pawpaw fruit. The largest native fruit, the pawpaw has the custardy texture and coloration of a banana, with a slight citrus taste. The PawPaw fruit was and is an important food source for Indigenous peoples, with the Shawnee even using the Pawpaw fruit to tell time. September, when the fruit would ripen, was known as “PawPaw month,” and that’s how the Shawnee people would know winter was near. Source.

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Photos taken at Old Town June 2022.