Miss Courtney American Holly (Ilex opaca ‘Miss Courtney’) was registered by Ronald E. Solt Greenhouses of Barto, Pennsylvania in 1998, and is perhaps the best cultivar in the American Holly species. Additionally, when compared with other types of American Holly trees, the Miss Courtney American Holly tree is a particularly fast grower. This variety of American Holly shares many of the same defining characteristics of the species, but the berries of the Miss Courtney cultivar are notably framed by inward-curling leaves with spikes that are common on holly trees. This holly tree is exceptionally hardy, able to grow in many different habitats and can even withstand cold up to -20 degrees. Like other American holly trees, the Miss Courtney American Holly is evergreen and produces red berries that are a Christmas staple.

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Photos taken at Old Town June 2022.