“With all good intentions, I have to share that this farm serves to bring us closer to the Creator, closer to our personal selves, and subsequently closer to all living things around us.

We often say we are stewards, but it is more we are children of this land.

Stand back, observe, be humble.

Then reach out, open your hand and join.”

-Tracy Frist

As an introduction to our Old Town cutting horses, here is our favorite, Stevie’s Time (Sunny) by Stevie Ray Vaughan, in a recent show. 
Shown here by our friend and trainer Brad Mitchell. 

Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like a Truck” Filmed at Old Town

Above: In April 2022, country music artist, Lainey Wilson, filmed the music video for “Heart Like a Truck” at Old Town with director, Elizabeth Olmstead.

Backstory of the Video

This 30-minute conversation is an insider’s look to the story behind the award-winning video shot at Old Town. The film’s producer Elizabeth Olmstead shares her vision with Tracy and Bill Frist on location at Old Town.

Above: behind-the-scenes of the music video production at Old Town