Red Mulberry (Morus rubra) is an understory tree (a tree that grows smaller than the largest trees in the forest, thus getting less sunlight) that is native to eastern and central North America. Unfortunately, the Red Mulberry tree is endangered in Canada, where the invasive Asian White Mulberry tree hybridizes with it, cutting down the Red Mulberry population. The fruit, which is what the tree’s common name refers to, resembles a blackberry in shape and form, but ripens in a spectrum from red to purple in the spring. Mulberries are a popular food source for native animals, especially birds who can fly to the tops of trees and reach higher berries. Mulberry trees can also be used by humans for foods and wine, and historically, the Mulberry tree was used by the Choctaw people, who wove the inner bark into clothing and used the sap to treat ringworm.