Preserving Sacred History

As stewards of the legacy of Old Town, we feel a humble sense of duty and purpose to make the converging stories of the ancient Mississippian culture temple mounds, the 1801 Old Town Bridge, the 1846 Thomas Brown home, and the historic grounds one that can be enjoyed and learned from by all. 

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Old Town Landmarks

Explore the ancient and historic landmarks that transport you back in time on the 43-acre archaeological site (National Register of Historic Places). Become immersed in the natural landscape, preserved through dedicated environmental conservation efforts.

Step into time...

See how Old Town’s rich history came to be and transformed over centuries, starting as early as 1050 A.D.

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The Latest from Old Town

Read what’s happening today at Old Town, from new baby animals growing and learning, to the latest in academic-led archeological explorations, and preservation and conservation… 

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