Black Willow (Salix nigra) is a species of willow tree native to North America, with a large range, stretching south from Ontario, Canada and Minnesota to Texas and parts of Florida. The Black Willow is the largest species of willow in North America, often growing to around 100 feet tall. This tree, also sometimes called the “swamp willow,” likes water, and you will often find it near bodies of water like streams, creeks, and in swamps, where the willow can help protect the land against erosion. While the Black Willow is sometimes called the “swamp willow,” it is important to note that there is an actual species of willow called the Swamp Willow that is native to bogs in Europe. Black Willow bark and leaves have multiple traditional medicinal uses, such as to treat malaria and rheumatism. The Black Willow is the only native willow in the US whose timber has been used for multiple items, such as artificial limbs and furniture. 

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