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  • Project Update 2019

    Kevin E. Smith (Middle Tennessee State University), William H. and Tracy Roberts Frist (Old Town), and Sarah Lowry (New South Associates) When you purchase a house and farm sitting atop of a […]

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  • A Second Chance at Life

    In the early 1900s, a blight destroyed all American Chestnut trees in the United States, once covering nearly 200 million acres of forest from Maine to Georgia. Scientists estimate that one out […]

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  • Meet the Old Town “Chew Crew”

    At Old Town, we are always looking for innovative approaches to farm, and one of our favorites is using goats to keep our pastures in top shape.  Our herd of goats, affectionally […]

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  • Puppies at Old Town

    We have a new addition at Old Town—well, seven to be exact!  One of Old Town’s Australian Shepherds, Nickel, recently welcomed her first litter of puppies.  Australian Shepherds are known for their […]

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